Secretary General of ULMWP failed to convince foreign NGOs about Papua Referendum


New York – The Free West Papua campaign by Octavianus ‘Okto’ Mote, Secretary General of ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua), Tuesday (January 9, 2018) at the National Lawyers’ Office of the Guild Chapter NYC, New York, has failed to convince the participants of the need for a referendum for West Papuans.

The meeting was initiated by John Miller of East Timor & Indonesia Action Network (ETAN), a US-based NGO that has been operating since 1991 in East Timor and has been active in international campaigns supporting the implementation of a referendum for East Timorese that led to the release from Indonesia in 1999.

At the meeting, Okto Mote tried to convince the participants that the process of joining Papua into Indonesia was illegal. Okto also added that there has been a genocide against indigenous Papuans committed by Indonesians.

When entering the discussion session, one of the participants representing the International Peace (IPI) Institute named Roy Taborat, expressed his views on the issue of Papua from the perspective of international law. He stated that the legal status of Papua as part of Indonesia has been final and binding based on the principle of “uti posidetis iuris “.

The unification process of Papua into Indonesia’s territory was very different from the case of East Timor, so there is no reason for ULMWP to demand a referendum. The genocide action that ULMWP has been accusing Indonesians of, is very difficult to prove. In fact, according to Roy, the world recognizes that Indonesia is an active country fighting for human rights in the international community.

Various sources state that both Okto Mote and John Miller looked nervous in response to the IPI’s representative’s statement. Recognizing his failure to convince the participants, the event moderator immediately closed the meeting.

Tell the Truth NZ is currently trying to contact ETAN to seek further confirmations and reports on the progress of the meeting. Until this article is posted, we are still waiting for their response.